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Parent F.A.Q.


Is it confusing for children to learn a second language while they are learning their first one?

Absolutely not! On the contrary, children should start on the second language simultaneously as their first one.  When the brain is geared to pick up one language, it can pick up several at the same time!

Does my child have to have any background in the language before going into a full immersion program like yours?

Not at all. Full immersion programs like ours take the children through the process of language acquisition step by step. The teachers apply fully all the strategies involved in teaching a child a second language in a full immersion/content based program.

How many times p/week should my child attend classes?

Your child should be immersed in as much language as possible. The more the better; there is a clear link between the process of a language and the time the child spends engaged in that language.

Should I start my child early in a second language?

Absolutely! Immersing your child in the correct language environment at a young age means that not only your child picks up a new language fast but also as a result of  optimum brain stimulation, your child ends up more intelligent and becomes a more rounded individual being. Children s brain develops alongside the development of the language they are processing.

How long should we wait before introducing a third language to our child?

I would say six months but it does depend on how fast the child is processing his or her second language. Remember that the process of the language is directly related to the time the child spends engaged in the language.



Teacher & Entrepreneur F.A.Q.


I am starting a preschool in….I am very interested in your training program. Is there anyway I could arrange for a distance course to be offered to my teachers?

Yes, I can do Training long distance via Skype and I can continue our communication via Skype later. I do like, however, to visit the teachers at work at least once unless their need is greater.


I am thinking my teachers may need some training. I have hired native speaking teachers who also have experience in immersion settings; however, the lesson plans they are developing are focused on teaching vocabulary as opposed to “content.

Yes absolutely. This is the trap where most teachers of foreign language  fall into; however, it does not take long at all to convince them that full immersion is the most effective way to go and once they learn the tools and the strategies, they can't contain their excitement.


I am in Mexico and I would like to start an effective English program for children K-6, would you have a curriculum and lesson plans for me?

Absolutely. I will first train you in the principles of language acquisition and full immersion programs before giving you the curriculum and lesson plans for my content based programs.



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