This Summer’s Camp Program has been a blast for us as administrators and instructors, and the kids have enjoyed it immensely! We are thrilled to have had the use of the space at Innovation Center Encinitas and we’ve really made each week a fun and creative experience.


A local bilingual blogger and mother wrote a beautiful post on her (and her son’s) experience at our camp this Summer and she took some beautiful pictures (some shown below).


Lingua Natal is the third summer camp in San Diego that Adrian has been to (this Summer). I am still amazed at how much spanish Adrian has been speaking after this camp. He did know it but he had such a long time without speaking it, he couldn’t even speak anything anymore. He went for a total of one week but it was an interrupted week because of his surgery. The first day he was very shy and it was hard to leave him crying, he didn’t want to stay. But at the end of the day everything was ok, he had so much fun he asked me if he was coming back the next day (In Spanish of course!).

About Lingua Natal

I had a long chat with Lena, the owner and creator of the camp. Her passion is all spread in Lingua Natal which is not only a summer camp, they have year long programs for kids learning Spanish and French. Lingua Natal has an original methodology to teach the language that she created herself and it really works!

They teach kids with a stress-free, full immersion, multi-sensory environment in which language acquisition takes place naturally and in progressive stages.

It’s hard to write here the experience I feel Lingua Natal is. As you know I stayed for a little bit some days to take photos and while I stayed I could tell all the teachers are excellent at what they do, they weren’t there just as a guide for the activities, no. All they said I felt it was coming with a reason but it felt natural. Every time a child speaks in English they repeat what they say in Spanish, with all the patience in world. The kids are constantly doing something hand-on, they are interacting and the classes are small which leads to lots of attention to each child.

During the week that Adrian participated they were learning about all country’s culture and folklore, what do kids in other countries do and so on. They also teach around many other subjects like the ocean and animals for example.

I thought that the subject of world culture was great! Adrian came home telling me about Italy, France, Ireland and Mexico to name a few! They made a french dessert one time (I forgot the name!), they made Fleur de Li bowls (French symbol), they made (sewing!) a Pelele doll which is a custom from Italy (or Spain? Not sure!) and then they played with it, they sang this special song to it.”


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For more pictures of our Summer Camp, check out our Lingua Natal Facebook page!