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Origin™ offers an array of expert services to help its clients start an effective program or improve an existing one.

Origin™ assists its clients  in the following services:

  • Start & run a successful Language Center for children
  • Start & run a successful  full immersion preschool /Child development Center
  • Start & run an innovative second language program ( K-6) for their Home School program
  • Expand or transition their foreign language business
  • Improve the quality of the second language teaching at their elementary school
  • Start an effective second language program as part of an existing school program
  • Start/run an effective second language enrichment program
  • Start full immersion content based camp programs for their community
  • Learn how to become an effective and exceptional foreign language teacher

Origin™ delivers the following:

  • A coordinated package of custom curriculum, lesson plans, training and follow up support
  • Short term and long term consulting
  • Development of programs and curriculum units that meet the needs of entrepreneurs, school, classrooms or districts
  • Training new teachers to deliver the program that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of an entrepreneur, school or district
  • On site staff training
  • Workshops to train prospective teachers become exceptional language teachers


  • Advocates changing the way teachers teach foreign languages to children
  • Advocates early second language learning for all children.
  • Advocates full immersion language learning, content based & whole child and process oriented approach
  • Asserts that  acquiring a language is a process; in fact, language acquisition follows the same natural process of learning one’s mother language
  • Is a systematically structured language instruction curriculum in eight levels of  sequenced learning experiences and it is a unique framework for achieving fluency
  • Is based on the latest research in Cognitive Psychology and language Acquisition Theory
  • Is designed specifically to stimulate children's natural enthusiasm for language  and communication.
  • Is a Natural, Developmental and Experience Approach to teaching foreign languages to children
  •  Optimizes the process for intuitive and automatic acquisition.
  • Moves infants through adults onto the path to fluency in the target language effortlessly

Origin™ follows the following natural steps in the process of language acquisition:

  • Listening
  • Comprehension
  • Speech emersion
  • Reading
  • Writing



Origin™ Teacher Training , Curriculum and Lesson Plans are Unique

In her teachings, Lena not only teaches strategies in creating environments that are appropriate for the children and conducive to their learning but she also emphasizes the need for the teacher to persistently seek to unfold and refine her own strengths before she can hope to refine the strengths in her students. It is, as a matter of fact the strength of her being, the love for the students and the light of her understanding that  help bring out the brilliance in the children. The transformation of the latent energies and capabilities in the child is the result of the work of a loving and very caring educator.

Origin aims at helping teachers of a second language become exceptional educators.



Lena Sisson’s workshops, seminars, curriculum framework and lesson plans are drawn from a life time of work in education, twenty one years of hands on experience at developing “Origin” and twenty one years of school operations.

She has extensive experience in language education and a proven ability over a sustained period of time to develop and manage profitable and successful schools. She has developed and executed expert teaching and business systems for several educational concepts.

She has also done extensive personal research. Mrs Sisson is multi-lingual and multi-cultural and her love of cultures & people have led her to travel extensively and be of service to many communities around the world.  Lena Sisson is the sole intellectual property owner of “Origin and her programs at Lingua Natal .

A few popular workshops among teachers, administrators, parents and entrepreneurs:

  •  Fundamentals of Teaching Foreign Languages to Children
  • The Principles of full immersion and its strategies
  • How children learn foreign languages and how can we create effective environments conducive to their learning
  • Classroom management for the foreign language teacher
  • Teaching children ages 1 to 3 in a full immersion
  • Teaching preschoolers in a full immersion
  • Teaching after school students in a full immersion


Origin™ packets of curriculum, lesson plans and training are available to teach in a Spanish, French or English immersion class.


Origin curriculum framework and lesson plans are based on the following key concepts that make a successful foreign language program:

  •  In a successful language program children’s  native language is not used for instruction
  • Successful Language Learning lessons/ programs emphasize comprehension rather than speaking at beginning stages.
  • Successful language learning occurs in a meaningful communicative context: social and cultural situations; subject-content instruction; games, songs and rhymes; experiences with arts, crafts and sports.
  • Successful language learning for children is organized in terms of concrete experiences;
  • Successful language learning activities for children incorporate opportunities for movement and physical activity
  • Successful language learning activities are geared to the child’s cognitive level, interest level and motor skills
  • Successful Language learning activities are interdisciplinary
  • Culture is best learned through experiences with cultural practices rather than through discussion and reading. Global education must be an integral part of the program
  • Successful language learning activities are organized according to a communicative syllabus rather than a grammatical syllabus. Grammar for its own sake should not be the object of instruction
  • Successful language learning activities establish the language as a real means of communication
  • Successful language programs make provision for the reading and writing of familiar material as appropriate to the age and interest of the students.
  • Successful language learning is evaluated frequently and regularly.

The following packets of curriculum and lesson plans are available for purchase, once the teachers and the administrator, entrepreneur, homeschooler goes through The Fundamentals of Teaching Foreign Languages to Children workshop.

 The following programs are adequate for both the bilingual child and the beginner in the language:

  •  Full immersion five days p/week preschool
  • Full Immersion five days p/week Toddlers program
  • Full immersion programs for preschoolers (90 minutes to three hours p/week)
  • Full immersion programs for toddlers  (90 minutes to three hours p/week)
  • Full immersion  programs for pre-K  (90 minutes to three hours p/week)

For more information or any specific questions that you might have as well as our price schedules, please contact Lena Sisson.



Full immersion programs for K-6

  • Full immersion programs as part of the school curriculum (90 minutes to three hours p/week)
  • Full immersion  programs for K-6 as part of an enrichment program (90 minutes to three hours p/week)
  • Full immersion program for K-6 homeschooler
  • Full immersion full time or part time camp programs for children 3-4, 4-5 and K-6


Programs for children ages four and up  are also available in different levels:

  •  Beginners 1 (Children are in the first phase of Listening Period)
  • Beginners 2
  • Intermediate 1 (children are in the first stage of Speech)
  • Intermediate 2 (Children are in the second stage of speech—Reading is incorporated)
  • Intermediate 3 (Children are in the third stage of speech—Reading 2 is incorporated + Structure and Grammar
  • Intermediate 4 (Children are in the fourth stage of speech—Writing 1 is incorporated + Structure and Grammar
  • Advanced (Children speak, read and write in the second language—age appropriately)


Examples of units in Origin's™ content based curriculum framework and lesson plans:

  • Sea Life
  • Bugs and bees and butterflies
  • Children around the world
  • My family and Community
  • Autumn
  • How animals cope with winter

The mission of Origin™ has been to provide children with the opportunity to expand their world in the 21st Century and to create ambassadors of goodwill who can create healthy and productive social and cultural exchanges with others of different lands.

We believe that individuals who can communicate as multilingual citizens of the world will exude the power to create a glorious future, not only for themselves, but also for all peoples of the world.




Upcoming workshops for teachers or prospective teachers


  • The Principles of Full Immersion and it's Strategies

When: Monday August 19 , Weds August 21 and Friday August 23, 1:30-4:30pm,

Where: Solana Beach, CA 92075


For more information or any specific questions that you might have as well as our price schedules, please contact Lena Sisson or call (858) 792-0750

Lena and Lingua Natal,
Thank you so much for all the years of french instruction for my three children. They have thrived in all areas of their education secondary to this. They were confident and skilled once they started language classes in their Middle School. Their french teachers have been so impressed with their language skills learned from your program. The oldest have tested proficient in French for Harvard and Georgetown Universities. They are on to learning Arabic and Italian. They know how to learn languages and accept the challenges. Each has placed themselves in total immersion situations to keep learning. 


-Maureen M. (parent)

We are overjoyed!  My daughter loves Spanish Class.  The teachers are amazing!!!  She's so happy going there and we just love hearing her break out in to Spanish at home.  She sings songs in Spanish and it is wonderful. We really feel we've made the best decision to give her this gift that will last her a lifetime.


-Tori Ann (parent)

I think it goes without saying that learning a second (or third, etc!) language at an early age has benefits that go far beyond simply being able to speak and interact with other peoples and cultures on a different level.  So for us, it wasn't a matter of 'whether' we would have our son attend a school to learn another language(s), but more about picking the right one.

We did a lot of research, and really dove into the curriculum and teaching styles of the various schools in San Diego.  I truly believe we found the very best in Lingua Natal. And after three years of our son attending Lingua Natal, we continue to be thrilled by his development and love of his classes. Lingua Natal has a very unique and natural way of helping the children become fluent in a language (vs. having them memorize bunch of flashcards or vocab words).  A lot of schools are out to show "how much the child has learned" using these methods, but rote memorization shortchanges the actual learning and fluency of a language.

Lastly, we're glad to have taken advantage of the "golden window" of language acquisition (ages 1-8).  Many schools don't start introducing another language, in a meaningful way, until the tail end of that period, and sometimes even later. This is a shame, because at an early age, kids can acquire multiple languages with such ease.   Our son, at age 4, has far surpassed our knowledge/fluency of Spanish and has prompted us to look for adult classes.  No doubt the learning will be much harder for us.


-Kerri H. (parent)

I can’t remember exactly when I started or for how long I worked with Lena at Kidschool (now Lingua Natal) all I know is that it was a HUGE part of my childhood and has helped me immensely to get where I am today. I started at Kidschool at a very young age and have fond memories of the people I met in my classes, the activities we would do and the songs that we sang to help us learn (I still have most of them memorized even today).


I didn't realize what a precious gift I was given until later when my knowledge of Spanish and French and my interest in foreign language and diversity really began to set me aside from my peers. It took me a while to realize how lucky I was to grasp languages so easily and I loved my language electives in school. I felt encouraged to explore other languages and confident when it came to using them in work and social situations.


Lena encouraged students to begin at a young age and to learn multiple languages at once. The benefit this gave me was the ability to jump from one language to another and to use correct pronunciation and accents.


-Dayna W. (former student)

I see how much my daughter has progressed. She speaks now after Spanish class in Spanish all afternoon with her sister. For her birthday she sang Happy Birthday in Chinese . Everybody was surprised, even her Chinese friend!


-Sarah R. (parent)

Our immersion curriculum is currently being used in Three Rivers, CA at River Kids Preschool.


All information on this page is proprietary property of Lingua Natal Language Center and Origin™ Consulting Services.

None of the information is to be copied or distributed without company consent.